The Ignored Reality of Democracy

The following is a short extract taken from Sacred Freedom’s chapter entitled “Is Democracy the Answer to Mankind’s Woes?”

Pivotal quote:

“When a democratic nation applies oppressive measures to anyone at home or abroad, these measures will most often only be removed once it is deemed that there are too many financial or political drawbacks (such as casualties) involved in continuing this oppression. This situation is able to arise because democracy does not recognize any absolute values besides the ever-changing opinions of the masses. This type of realization caused one Western thinker to state that tyranny and despotism ‘can be exercised by many, more rigorously, and more severely, than by one.’”


Another deficiency that can be found within democracy is that it enables everybody to have an avenue to express his or her “opinion.” Although this might appear to some to be a good thing, in reality, this ideology allows everyone - including unintelligent, uninformed and insincere people - the right to control mankind’s future. Democracy holds the view that millions of people are wiser than one, which caused one Western thinker to state that Democracy is “a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”

On November 2, 2004, The Herald’s Ian Bell wrote an article exposing the flaws of the Democratic process in America. Titling his article “Next US leader to be decided by ‘voters ignorant beyond belief,’” Bell based his editorial upon the confessions of Peter Oborne, a right-wing journalist who surprisingly criticized the American democratic process on British television.1 According to Oborne’s account, Bell mentions that the 2004 presidential campaign “would be decided by a small, decisive, yet ‘largely ignorant’ group of manipulated voters.”

According to Bell, “none of those interviewed could find Iraq or Afghanistan on the map.”

“Asked to identify Britain,” stated Bell, “one man pointed to West Africa.” Another, with his finger on North Korea, said: “Afghanistan is over here, where Russia used to be.”

Westerners often resent Islam’s classification of people on the basis of belief, yet they themselves classify those who adhere to their beliefs as being “civilized,” and those who have not yet adopted these values as being “uncivilized.” If the aforementioned accounts are examples of democracy in what has been described by Westerners as the civilized world, what could be said about the implementation of democracy in what Westerners consider to be the uncivilized world, where most people have little or no education?

Although Bell does not share the same staunch political conservatism as Oborne, both of them have come to agree about America’s intent to spread democracy around the world: “Judging on how it works at home,” Bell quoted Oborne as saying, “we should all be very afraid.”2

And if you were to obey most of those on earth, they would mislead you far away from Allah’s Way. They follow nothing but conjecture, and they do nothing but guess. [Qur’an (6):116]

An All-Knowing and All-Wise Creator has informed us that if we were to follow the ever-changing opinions of the majority, they would certainly mislead us. People who are not grounded in the knowledge of what their Creator wills them to do - no matter how knowledgeable they may be in certain other worldly affairs - fall under the category of those who mislead people “far away from Allah’s Path.”

People who contradict their Creator’s guidance “follow nothing but conjecture, and they do nothing but guess.” Their opinions are based on fleeting preferences that never remain constant. As such, their conjecture leads them to speak untruthfully, either out of ignorance, or due to the following of their desires.

Furthermore, many of those who favour democracy as an ideology are still ready to concede that the old saying, “all politicians are liars,” is true. In his article on the American presidential campaign of 2004, Ian Bell spoke about the “dirty race for the White House,” stating that John Kerry tried to appease the “gun nuts of West Virginia after voting for gun control 55 times.” Speaking about how the campaign was “based on fear, lies and black propaganda,” Bell states that both sides “lie about their lies.”3

Making false promises and lying is encouraged in the democratic political system in order to achieve authority. How then could it ever be considered a truthful, correct or morally superior ideology, never mind one that everyone in the world must apply - or else face war?

[End of excerpt]

A fitting quote:

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”  - Winston Churchill

Surely, reformation based upon God’s Message is needed in democracy as it is needed in other ruling systems.


 And Allah knows best.


For further information read the book Sacred Freedom, by Haheef Oliver.

ISBN: 0-9776996-0-9

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